There’s no denying that gambling has changed over the past century. From the introduction of slot machines to the proliferation of smartphones, technology has had a huge impact on gambling. From new revenue streams to more accessible games, gambling has evolved alongside technology.

Slot Machines

The advent of the slot machine was a big moment for gambling. 

Before this, gambling was restricted to land-based casinos. The introduction of the slot machine changed all this.

The slot machine was a simple piece of technology, but it revolutionized the gambling industry.

Play wherever and whenever You want

The reason for this is that the slot machine can be used anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t require a brick and mortar location, so it was much more accessible to the general public.

People could also use the slot machine at home. This meant that anyone could play. 

This change in accessibility led to a massive increase in gambling. People would now have access to a wide array of games, including those that had been previously deemed too risky.