Sometimes, the more that you become invested in something, the more you want to be a part of it. Oftentimes, there are gamblers who actually think that the iGaming industry may be agood fit for them not just because of the activity itself, but because of the careers that you can get out of it.

If you are a part of the community who thinks the same way, then read this and know whether there’s a chance for you to shift industries.

Customer Support


Do you have the drive to answer questions and communicate with other people? Then this job must be made for you. In the iGaming industry, there are three types of customer support that you can engage in, offline, online, and VIP support.

Offline support is when you answer questions or receive bets over the phone or by taking it directly from the gamblers. On the other hand, online support makes use of the internet.

The support is done through live chat and other forms of support like issuance of tickets for queries and problems.

VIP Support can be both online and offline. The difference between this and the other types of customer support is that you get to work with the big shots. Yes, you read it right, it’s the high rollers that you’d be engaging with which is why utmost care and respect must be exercised.

IT and Other Technological Professions


Since iGaming mainly revolves around technology, it’s not something to be shocked about when people from the technological profession is the first choice.

Roles in most iGaming companies mostly include IT Support, DBA, Software Developers, Front End Developers, Mobile Developers, Technical Project Managers, and Quality Assurance.



In order to become a successful company, one must be able to get the market that they have targeted in the first place.Since iGamingis accessed through the internet, it is just right for the marketing activity to take place over the same platform.

The problem with internet marketing is that there are specific techniques needed to be employed that may not be taught when you were still in school.

If you don’t have any experience with e-marketing yet, you may want to watch a few courses just to have an idea of how it works. The set of training could then follow.


Other positions available include finance which is the main office accountable for the appropriate counting on the inflows and outflows of the company’s resources. HumanResources is also needed so that you can make sure that the people your company hire is capable and suitable for the job.

In addition to that, a legal team must also be established as there are a lot of legal issues that need to be taken note of in the gambling industry. They are also responsible for writing contracts, following up licenses, and other legalities involved.

What are you waiting for? Maybe this is the industry that you are looking for. Check iGaming companiesout now!