CCTV cameras have become a common security measure at many casinos, and they’re having a noticeable impact. CCTV not only allows casinos to better monitor their premises, but it also helps security personnel identify intruders

In this article, we’ll discuss how casino operators are using CCTV to tackle casino robberies.

CCTV Helps Build a Secure Casino

CCTV has become a common feature in many casinos, both as a security measure and a means of monitoring the casino’s premises.

Some casinos focus specifically on installing CCTV cameras in order to better prevent and detect robbery. Other casinos focus on integrating CCTV with their gaming technology in order to improve the player experience and increase revenue.

CCTV Effectiveness 

CCTV is one of the most effective tools in a casino’s security arsenal, and it has a number of benefits for both casino personnel and customers.

First, CCTV helps casinos prevent robbery. CCTV can detect when an intruder tries to enter the premises, and it can detect when a person leaves the premises after committing a robbery. It also can detect when an employee leaves the premises, which is often a sign of a robbery in progress.