What’s an innovation without a little drama? And what’s a casino without a little drama? One of the most exciting storylines in the world of casino technology is the rise of so-called “integrated resorts”. These are casinos that have incorporated hotel and resort properties, or essentially merged the casino and hotel with the same technology. 

This has led to a surge of innovation in the casino industry as casino operators race to stay “front of the curve” on the latest casino technology. From mobile technology to payment processing, the integrated resort has become a breeding ground for the latest technology innovations.

Tablets for Everyone

Tablets have become ubiquitous in casinos. Tablets have been deployed in high-end environments such as luxury rooms and table games areas. However, they have also found their way into more public areas as well. For example, many hotel/casinos have deployed tablets in the lobby, restaurant or bar areas. 

This has made it easier for guests to place orders for food, drink, gambling or entertainment. 

Tablets all the way

Tablets have also found their way into the hands of players. For example, many casinos now use tablets to allow guests to place bets on sports, ponies or casino games. This has made it easier for guests to place bets and play games.