Consumers often come across the term machine learning as a feature that will make them want a new product or service being offered by tech-based companies. Actually, it’s easier for consumers to understand that machine learning is artificial intelligence in plain words. Its purpose is to gather and collect data to use in creating a bespoke experience for a consumer; whether in using a product or a service. Yet we wonder, can machine learning be applied to online slots gambling?

Artificial Intelligence may seem irrelevant for gambling applications. After all, one cannot use AI to predict outcomes of online betting products like slots and casino table games, as it eliminates the element of chance or luck. Moreover, it contradicts the use of the Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures the unpredictability of game results. That way, both the online casino and the player, have fair chances of winning from the gambling entertainment.

PG Games Incorporate AI in Offering PG Slot Games

PG Games is a game development company in Thailand that has put machine learning concepts into good use in offering real money slot games. Even if gambling is prohibited in Thailand, Pocket Games Soft ventured into creating real money betting games, by securing a Malta license for the international igaming industry.

PG Slot games are mostly animations, but they always have jackpot offers that add to the excitement of playing with pg slots. What makes PG titles attractive to online and mobile slot players is that they don’t have to spend time choosing games that eventually turn out to be incompatible with their gaming preferences.

As a result, the time spent at an online casino site is not so rewarding because they spent part of their playing time, trying out different slots.

In Thailand, PG Games maintains a direct website called pggames 168, which offers the company’s more than 500 collection of gaming titles. Now here’s the thing, people at the pggames 168 website boasts that “เล่นสล็อต pg กับเรามีข้อดีมากมาย” (playing pg slot with us has many advantages)

Actually, it’s because of the company’s proprietary machine learning process known as RTAS™ or Real Time AI Suggestions. It serves as a virtual playing assistant, using deep learning algorithms in selecting games to put forward as choices for every pggames 168 player.

How Does PG Games RTAS™ Work in Creating Advantages for Players?

While creating advantages in favor of a player seems to go against the grain of gambling, the advantage here is getting the most satisfying playing experience when engaged in real money gambling. Online gamblers usually choose content that is not only unique but also conforming to their tastes in graphic designs, themes and level of challenges.

This is where the machine learning algorithm works to dynamically respond to the kind of gaming actions desired by a player. The RTAS™ system uses individual historical data in choosing games to put forward as choices. It does so not only in terms of features but also based on the number of times the player was able to collect rewards from the game.

If a player so desires, and in order to save time and betting money, he may program the RTAS to choose and play a game for him in accordance with the standard game settings, such as auto-spins or auto bets. The AI of the RTAS™ system will take into account the playing history for every game, particularly with regard to Pggames 168 game titles in which the player won the most rewards.