Gambling is as old as civilization itself and is as common today as it has ever been. Most people have played a little bit of slot machine or table game, but only the avid slot players or blackjack players understand the magnitude of this industry. Gambling exists in digital form as well, and it is growing faster than any other form of gambling.

Digital gambling affects art in two ways. Firstly, it affects how artists interact with the world. Secondly, it affects how artists interact with each other. 

Positive Impacts of Digital Gambling on Artists

Digital gambling has provided a way for artists to connect with larger audiences. This allows artists to grow their following and market their work. Digital gambling can also fuel the digital fame economy. 

Artists who are lucky enough to be popular enough to receive a lot of attention from the gambling community are able to make a living off of it.


Digital fame can affect how artists interact with the world by making artists more civic minded. Artists use the power of their fame to promote causes that they believe in. This can be done by lobbying for laws to be changed or by holding charity art auctions.