Since our website doesn’t charge its readers with the content that they read or for every question that our customer support answers, it became imperative for us to get bigger. Bigger in the sense that more people should help us with this advocacy.

As a fellow gambler, we know that you understand that sometimes, we need to take a breather and focus on the things that we need to know in order to make the very best bets.

This is the reason why we know that once there are more people working on this project, it will be easier to gamble, write, and research all at the same time.

Work with Us

We cannot offer you anything more than friendship and the sense of fulfillment that you get when you know you’ve helped people. But we can make sure that we will make this community as light and as healthy as possible.

On top of that, since you will be the one to do the writing, you will have unlimited access to our information stash which we have accumulated through our reliable sources. As a gambler, you wouldn’t want to pass on those kinds of information if you really are serious.

Help Us Build This Community

We know that we are just starting and that things might be rough on the first time. But with your help, we can create a better community for the iGaming industry. We will be able to gain new relationships, experiences, and knowledge along the way.

Don’t take too long to decide. The entire community needs you and your flair for writing and gambling. Send us a private message so that we can discuss further details. There might be other things that would interest you once you decide to write for us.